Bosch GLL2-15 Review

Bosch GLL 2-15Bosch’s GLL2-15 Self-Leveling Cross Line Laser is a solid and high-performance self-leveling and alignment elucidation for professionals at 4 degrees. Having definite rich features of over-molded construction, visible laser lines and a smart pendulum leveling system the GLL2-15 offers accuracy at±1/8-inch accuracy at 30 feet, it’s dependable and has the robustness required at any workplace. Packaged with GLL 2-15 is the BM3 Aligning device, which gives professionals the resourcefulness wanted for multi-leveling and positioning appliances.



  • Robust over-molded construction

This gives the GLL2-15 definite protection from weather conditions which vary in different areas of the world and times during the day. It assures grip for dependable operation and sustenance of workforce at work place. The laser has a safety lock that protects it from internal damage during transportation. Built with a special pendulum system the laser tells the user when it’s out of range.

  • BM3 position device

The includedBM3 positioning device allows the user to magnetically attach the line laser to metal surfaces, mount it on drywalls, screw it to wood or even lay it on the floor for proper and accurate specifications. The Bosch also allows the operator to use tripods with both 1/4 x 20 and 5/8 x 11 threads.

  • Easy access battery compartment and fulfilling warranty

The design and quality of the batteries offers long and sustained working time for actual realization of targets and deadlines. It is easy to change the batteries and saves working time. This laser is simple and easy to carry measures 3.1″ x 1.6″ x 3.8″.This makes it portable and adjustable to its function. The laser comes with a two year warranty that eliminates the consumer’s fears of frequent and quick breakdown of the unit.

  • Automatic unit shut-off

This helps to save battery for extended life. The automated switch goes off when the machine stays long without the user or when the user of the laser forgets to switch it off after work time.

  • Simple keypad operation

The keypad of the GLL2-15 is simple and user accustomed it lets users easily select between horizontal, vertical, and cross line modes without inconveniences and this helps in saving time when operating the machine.

  • Floor and magnetic wall bracket

This laser provides quick and quality house fitting procedures on the floor and drywalls, thus depriving the satisfaction needed by the consumer. It ensures that window frames and doors are aligned and fitted maximally to their positions. Plumbers and other professionals find the laser useful because it is self-analytic unit.

GLL2-15 package

The laser comes along with a separate package of instruments for its proper or effective functioning. This are:

  • Self-Leveling Cross Line Laser – GLL2-15
  • Position Device – BM3
  • Hard-shell Carrying Case
  • Laser Target
  • (3) AA Batteries

Looking for that laser, which is convenient, reliable, precise and accurate?  No more search this is the best laser for you, easy to operate laser, the GLL2-15 is the ideal unit for you. Professional oriented with reliable long working hours battery that can’t let you down at the midst of your work, GLL2-15 offers all in one package.


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