DEWALT DW087K vs DW088K vs DW089K

DEWALT is one of the top of the line companies which provides tools for construction and other manufacturing purposes. The DEWALT products for construction are one of the most used and are highly recommended all over the world.

Starting way back from 1924, DEWALT has produced products which are really helpful for construction projects and one of the product is Laser Leveler. The product is used by the construction companies and the civil engineers and workers to level the surface by using straight laser beam. It has proved to be one of the most useful techniques to level things up.

DEWALT has different products in this product line but here we shall be talking about the three best products i.e. DW087K, DW088K and DW089K.

DEWALT DW087K vs DW088K vs DW089K

Comparison of the features:

All the products have their pros and cons and nothing is perfect. You have to compromise on certain things depending on the job you are doing. Some of the features of the three lasers are tabulated as under:


The DEWALT DW087K is a high quality self-leveling line laser which gives precise measurement, which is essential for construction and remodeling projects. Some of the features of this version are tabulated as under:

  • One button operation
  • Use of 3 AA Batteries for longer backup
  • Magnetic Pivot bracket which can help attach to things and give powerful support
  • Self-Leveling within 5 degrees
  • Accurate to within 1/8 inch at 30 feet
  • 50 feet indoor visibility range
  • Bright laser beam
  • 3 years warranty with 90 days money back



This model is state-of-the-art laser leveler with cross line laser, which gives more accuracy and more covering area as compared to the DW087K. Some of the features are as under:

  • Bright crossing horizontal and vertical lines
  • This comes with more brightness for better visibility and more covering area
  • Full-time pulse allows you to use it with a detector
  • Magnetic Pivot base
  • IP5 debris and water resistant
  • Indoor visibility ranges up to 100 feet
  • 3 AA Batteries
  • 3 years warranty with 90 days money back



This three line beam laser is made for improved productivity, more accuracy and reliability in the field. It is the best of the lot and gives more advanced features, which are as follow:

  • Three beams
  • Apply for 90 degree layout
  • Accurate to +/- 1/8 inch at 30 feet, which is pretty exact
  • Two times bright laser beam than any of the product line
  • Built-in magnetic pivot
  • 4 AA batteries for more working time
  • Is more expensive than any other model but obviously because of its more advanced and accurate

Keeping all the features in mind, you should ask yourself, what is your priority? What can you compromise? Are you compromising quality over money? Is the job critical enough to have it compromised? When you have the answers of these questions, you are in a better position to work on the options.


This is what we call the competition between the friends. All the three laser levelers are from the same company and company has to decide what to change in the next version, in order to keep the sales of the previous one intact. This is one really hard job to do, but this is how the industrial world is booming and is coping with the problems. This very competition between the friends is very fascinating as each of them is of the same model but are different versions.

All the three models of these leveling laser beams are very much into the market and are used by different kinds of contractors, engineers, workers and household remodelers. You cannot say that one of them is better than the other because each has its own pros and cons for different people. As if you are a private guy, working to remodel your house and would not be working on complex projects, DW089K is not for you because it is complex and is expensive. If you are a contractor and working on a huge site or building, you should not be using the DW087K because it’s not very accurate and would not help your cause much, you should be buying the DW089K for more improved results and accurate measurements. If you are a guy who is working on small projects and would work on different tasks like flooring, ceiling etc., you should be using the DW088K because it is good for these kinds of work.


The Final Verdict:

The final verdict would be “Do some research before you buy. Check your level of work, check your pocket, check your time and then spend on any of these. All three are top of the line and work really well for you”.


I highly recommend these products to all whom they concern. Just Buy and Enjoy!


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