Bosch GRL300HV Review

Bosch GRL300HV ReviewProduct description

Bosch’s GRL300 HV is a self-leveling laser which offers fast horizontal and vertical self-leveling options with very high accurate line even in longer distances. This laser is very easy and precise to operate as it can be operated with a remote control kit. The genuine quality, ability to multitask and the property of easy handling makes it an ideal machine for contractors and personnel in the commercial sectors. This laser has got many outstanding features that make it to a complete contractor package. It was designed with very high accuracy of+/- 1/8-Inch at 100 feet and a commanding distinctive visible line feature, has an IP54 rating which shows it can hold to harsh environments without failing. The functions of this laser are mostly articulated by a number of features which include:

  • User friendly features

Self-leveling rotating laser is IP54 rated. This implies that the laser is resistant to water and dust, factor that gives the machine a longer life. The keypad of GRL300 HV is tactically aligned and presents a variety of keys which are simple to understand. The batteries are strategically placed to ease the labor of interchanging and reduce the time lost during power break ups. All this features are too replicated in a remote and that allows the user of the machine to access the laser even at long distances and when located at risk places.

  • Make up features

This laser possess very high distinctive accuracy features of up to +/- 1/8-Inch at 100 feet, Range 300-Feet without detector, 1000-Feet with detector , has visible laser lines that are technologically fitted to adjust luminosity of the laser during rotation to produce highest level of visibility and assurance of safety. The GRL300 HV has a fully developed array of beams, very fast selection and detection of angles when in a mix of light conditions that enhances the visibility range. On top of the above make up features the laser is designed with a hard cover that protects the machine from mechanical harm or damage. These features make the machine to be very reliable and complete in its performance.

  • Application features

The GRL300HV laser has variety of application sectors, the most common jobs for the machine are: computer and machine flooring, ceiling installation, electrical and lighting installation, general leveling and layout among other jobs.

  • Portable

This laser is measures 7.1/2inches by 7.1 inches by 6.7 inches and has a total weight of 3.9 pounds. From the description of the machine it is easy to carry or translocation the laser. The laser has got a limited warranty from the producer of 2 years.


This is an ideal laser level for contractors and individuals working in an outdoor busy commercial environment. It is precisely one among the best quality laser levels harboring multitasking features and easy to operate machine. It can function appropriately on harsh climatic conditions and deliver in a phenomenal manner. It reduces the number of employees in a commercial site as it is a one man operational laser. This is the laser level for contractual perfectionists.

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