Bosch GPL3 Review

Bosch GPL3Product Description

Bosch GPL3 laser the ideal rich featured laser with a diamond cut beam splitter which powers the single diode to project on all points with a dictating sharp accuracy. Pocket fit designed machine with precise pendulum self-leveling system, has tripod mount dimensions in ¼-20, laser wavelength of 635nm, leveling range up to 5 degrees, dimensions LxWxH in. 41/8 x 31/8 x 15/8, interior range up to 100, visual and audio indicators, dust and water proof for heightened lifespan, portable, easy to maintain and has accuracy set at ¼ in @ 100 ft. The GPL3 is one of Bosch’s arrivals, user-friendly, quantifying and design tools. These outfits are engineered for ideal precision, and project stays valid from start to end. They level, position, measure and identify all innovative features set that sanctions for effortless one-person operation, even when measuring walking-out distances.

GPL3 features

  • Smart pendulum leveling system

This laser has a very sensitive self-leveling pendulum system which automatically shows when it’s out of range and self-levels at 5 degrees. Has a patented diamond beam splitter  with one diode that projects all points for trusted accuracy of about ¼  at 100 ft. this makes the laser produce accurate and outstanding performance even under complicated climatic conditions.

  • Compact and durable alignment

This laser is not only accurate but also saves a lot of the consumer’s time, power and effort as it is very fast and effective in its operations. The size of the machine also coincides with its job as it is easy to carry, can be pocketed or belt pouched considering its only 4-1/8 inches tall. This laser is designed with water and dust proof materials thus this gives it dependable long serving life.

  • Versatile Tool for Wide Range of Applications

This laser offers a variety of uses in different areas of specialization, from ceiling installation, plumbing of floors, establishment of benchmarks, drywall partition and others various uses. This device articulates both left and right 90 degrees beams and delivers quality and substantial performance.

  • The warranty

This laser comes along with a minimum of three years after buy warranty. This offers security that buying the laser the user has security of the equivalent performance machine. It comes along with batteries that are easily accessible for quick change in the cases of battery and power failure. This helps in saving time and increasing the production rate of the workers.

Look out for GPL3

This laser has stood out as one among the best buys. This is because of its reliability, durability and accuracy precision. It is a professionally designed laser which accommodates variable user demands and saves time. This is a must buy laser. Now you can get innovative engineering you expect from this GPL3, moving with the world to transform the world together. This laser is perfect for indoor work layout. For precision and durability giving your work another direction of taste and help you work smarter, better, faster. See it with the same eyes but adore it in your work.

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