Bosch GLM 50 vs DEWALT DW03050 Review

Do you need to measure distance accurately, but do not have the right power tool to do so? When every product in the market claims to work, choosing the best is never easy. However, with the right guideline, information about what you need, and the available products, this should not be difficult. Both the Bosch GLM 50 and Dewalt Dw03050 are designed for the same purpose. Here’s a detailed comparison of the two products to help you determine which of the two is superior.

Bosch GLM 50

Bosch GLM 50
Bosch GLM 50

The Bosch GLM 50 is an industrial power tool that is designed to measure distances of up to 50m (165 feet); it uses laser technology to calculate measurements precisely. The tool measures distances in five modes, namely: area, length, volume, calculation of lengths indirectly in versatile applications, and continuous calculations. When measuring using this power tool, you can work on any of the three reference points: center for use with an optional tripod, the back unit, or even front unit.

The GLM 50 features backlit display to enable you view measurements conveniently and easily; this is usually automatic. The power tool comes packed with a carry loop or hand strap, belt pouch, a manual and two AAA batteries for powering purposes. In its class of power tools, the Bosch GLM 50 distance measurer is considered smart and the most complete. By attaining high levels of precision and accuracy, you get to enjoy increased productivity, and thus profitability.

Other than the laser distance measurer, Bosch manufactures a wide range of rotary and line lasers, digital levels, point lasers, accessories used with measuring tools, and optical levels to provide solutions in different scenarios. With the GLM 50 distance measurer, you get to work smarter for better gains, not harder. Although the warranty information for this product is not available, the AAA batteries have an operational life of 2.25 hours.

Dewalt DW03050


Just like the GLM 50 distance measurer, Dewalt DW03050 is an industrial power tool used for calculating distances of up to 165 feet. It has the capacity to automatically measure volume and area, hence easing and quickening job estimates. When you cannot access two points not in linear with each other, the tool uses the Pythagoras theorem to calculate indirect heights.

The DW03050 comes with a memory unit to enhance display visibility, whether the conditions are bright or dim, by storing the two-line backlit display and last 5 calculations. The IP54 standard design renders the measurer resistant to debris, dust and water. For durability, it is designed to feature an over-molded casing that if dropped 2m below, causes no damages. The power tool comes packed with a manual, and two 5V AAA batteries.

You can calculate distances from one corner to another with so much ease and preciseness, thanks to the end post corner stand-off feature. Available in yellow or black hues, this battery powered power tool comes with a limited warranty that lasts 3 years. The Dewalt DW03050 distance measurer was first made available in October, 2013. However, GLM 50 does not have much information about the product like the DW03050 model by Dewalt. This means that you will have to rely more on customer reviews.

The GLM 50 power tool has a button feature embedded on it to enable you change the metric unit of calculation from feet to meters, or vice versa. Moreover, the display shows either two or three lines of data with the most recent appearing at the bottom of the list. However, not all users are happy with this industrial power tool due to some of its shortcomings. For instance, the display cannot be viewed from 4 distinct angles since it does not have a dot matrix screen, but an LCD display. Other users do not like the tool’s design and aesthetic appeal.

It is important that things like the design, and hue of the distance measurer is chosen according to your personal preferences. You cannot share such tastes with another customer. Although the DW03050 distance measurer appears to have the upper hand from the available product information, customers who have used either of the two products seemed to be quite happy and satisfied. This means that these two power tools are just as good in terms of functionality. Despite this fact, the decision is now yours to pick the tool that you find more viable for your specific needs.

The Final Verdict

Therefore, you just need to consider what your needs for distance measurers are, what you can afford, how often you will use it, and personal tastes and preferences. I am sure whichever of the two you choose won’t let you down. Sometimes, you just have to follow your heart. When you are spoilt for choice between two great products, you can just settle on the one your heart prefers.

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