Bosch GLL2-40 vs Dewalt DW087k Review

The main reason why you are reading this article right now is because you would like to seek more details about the right self leveling line laser that you can use. You know that it is a great tool to have and it will make your work around the home much easier. Upon searching for the right self leveling line laser, you will probably come across some products and you will narrow down those products to two. Usually, those two products are Bosch GLL2 – 40 and Dewalt DW087k. Out of the two, which one should you buy? Hopefully, this article will help inform you about the right product to purchase.

Bosch GLL2 – 40 Self Level Cross Laser

Bosch GLL2-40

This is known to be the smallest cross line laser that is built in with a powerful magnetic bracket. This is very easy to use because of the various beam visibility options. It does not take an expert to ensure that it can be used properly because its controls are very simple. The keypad operations need not be studied for a lengthy period of time.

Advantages of the Bosch GLL2 – 40 Self Level Cross Laser

  • Since it is a compact tool, it can be brought both indoors and outdoors. It is ideally used by different workers and contractors who desire to make straight lines whether they are doing tasks inside or outside.
  • The unit comes with its own case which makes it easy to just bring around and you can be sure that it will remain safe which means that there will be no scratches on the important areas of the product even when you have to travel long distances in order to get to your destination.
  • Like mentioned earlier, there are various beam visibility options. This means that with a simple touch of a button on top of the product, the beam visibility can change to horizontal, crosshair, vertical and manual slope cross. This will give you a lot of options depending on what you would need the laser beam to be.

Disadvantage of the Bosch GLL2 – 40 Self Level Cross Laser

  • In spite of all the many advantages of the Bosch GLL2 – 40, it does come with one big disadvantage and that is the magnetic bracket. It is supposed to be strong and powerful but I mainly found it to be very weak even if the tool is not that heavy. The tool only weighs 5 pounds but the magnetic bracket makes it seem like it is far heavier.

Dewalt DW087K Horizontal Vertical Self Leveling Laser


  • Although the Dewalt DW087K can measure both horizontal and vertical applications, it is no match for the Bosch GLL2 -40 that can measure four different applications. This means that if you would like to have more precise measuring, Bosch GLL2 – 40 may the better option.
  • Unlike the Bosch GLL2 – 40 however, the Dewalt DW087k is a self leveling laser which means that it has the ability to self level within 5 degrees. This can make it easy for people to find the right angles to measure.
  • The magnet of the Dewalt DW087k is known to be a bit stronger than the magnetic bracket of the Bosch GLL2 – 40. The fact that the magnetic bracket of the Dewalt also pivot make it possible for the laser to move in almost all directions. This will make it possible for people to measure without having to take out the item from the wall and adjust it again and again.

The things mentioned above are just some of the differences of Bosch GLL2 – 40 and Dewalt DW087K. It is likely that you will have an idea about which one you would like to purchase depending on the things that you are searching for and what you would like to experience with the use of the products. The decision will still be up to you in the end.


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