Dewalt De0892 vs DEWALT DW0892 Review

Looking for a line laser detector for your alignment needs? The many line laser detectors in the market make it difficult to choose the best. However, with enough information about the detectors out there, the selection of an ideal product should be easy. This review compares the two product models: Dewalt De0892 and DW0892. The information provided should help you make an informed decision regarding the two power hand tools. Read on to find out which of the two hand tools is more superior to the other.

Dewalt De0892
Dewalt De0892

The Dewalt De0892 is a power tool designed to help in alignment applications using the laser beam technology. The hand power tool model is compatible with the DW088K and DW089K line sensors only; its screw thread is not compatible with other line lasers available in the market. The tool is easy to use, in addition to the brand ranking 1st in the UK as a seller of power hand tools. Weighing about 1kg, this line laser detector is quite portable; moving it around from one point of the construction site to another should not be a problem.

Tools made by the Dewalt brand are the best and sold at the best prices. Although the Dewalt De0892 power tool comes with a 9-volt battery for powering purposes, and a heavy clamp sensor (the firm grasp guarantees accurate results) for grade rod mounting purposes, it features backlit LCDfor front and rear end display (it’s easy to readdue to great clarity), wide and narrow yet selectable accuracy settings, and covers up to 50m within a working distance (this shows that the 165 feet within an exterior and interior range provides for good coverage over long distances).

You can mount this detector on metal tracks through the inbuilt magnets it features; mounting on stands or tripods is also possible. If the detector is idle for 5 minutes, it goes off automatically. It can be operated either on-location or remotely (via the remote setting), with outdoor leveling applications made easy. Strong materials are used to make the Dewalt products to ensure durability. The De0892 detectors are not an exception; they feature a strong outer casing that enhances durability.

Designed to an IP55 standard, the detector is waterproof. It comes with a 12 month warranty that covers parts and labor to ensure that manufacturing issues can be fixed free of charge within that year. The instruction and safety user manual contained in the pack provides guidance on how to use and handle this detector. The premium line detector can function in environments with high temperature levels of up to 40 degrees Celsius.


Similarly, the Dewalt DW0892 is a line laser tool that is designed to help you attain precise accuracy in vertical and horizontal alignments. Just like the De0892 model, this tool works optimally either in bright conditions or over long working ranges, because it is able to sense laser beams outdoors and indoors. Avolume control is included to allow audible signal adjustment while the hand tool is in use. This feature makes the tool ideal for use even with the blind. However, you can mute it if you need to work in a quiet and peaceful environment. You get to conserve your battery power because every 5 minutes your tool is inactive, the detector goes off automatically.

On the contrary, the De0892 power tool is compatible with the DW088K and DW089K laser lines only, while the DW0892 works well with DW0811, DW088K, DW0822, DW089K and DW0851 laser lines. The top mounted magnets and quick-release clamp enable the DW0892 detector to attach to steel studs or ceiling tracks, and grade rod, respectively. The user manual found in the pack explains how the power hand tool is set up and used to attain accurate results.

This power hand tool model comes with a warranty of 3 years, unlike that of the De0892 that lasts for a year only. This means that you can use the product knowing that any manufacturer-related damages that arises within that period, can be fixed or you can have replacements done free of any charges. Therefore, you are guaranteed your peace of mind while working with the hand tool.

The De0892 and DW0892 models have different mounting systems as discussed. The inbuilt magnets found in the former detector models ensure firmer grip when mounted on metal rails to prevent any unnecessary movements that can bring about erroneous results. Unlike the DW0892 model, the De0892 is more stable when clamped on a stand. The DW0892 model is firmer and stronger when mounted on a rail.

It also goes without saying that both thelaser line detectors are power-efficient as they are designed to go off whenever the audio source is idle. This helps save energy, hence money. Judging from the information available about these two detectors, warranty, and customer reviews, the Dewalt DW0892 line laser detector has an upper hand, especially in large-scale commercial applications. Choose the one that suits your needs best, and fits within your established budget.

Click here to purchase Dewalt De0892 on Amazon!

Click here to purchase DEWALT DW0892 on Amazon!

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