Dewalt dw088k vs Bosch gll2-50 Review

Whether you would like to use the right tools because you are a professional or you would like to have tools because you would like to fix some items around your home, it is still essential for you to find the right tools to use. With the right tools, it will be easier to forget about the problems that might come with making the various items. Tools are sometimes chosen depending on the brand and in this case, two renowned brands offer different tools. The Dewalt dw088k and the Bosch gll2 – 50 are considered to be two of the best tools that can be purchased right now but if given the chance to choose between the two, which one should be chosen? Hopefully, by the end of the article, the choice will become clear to you.

Dewalt dw088k Self Leveling Cross Laser

DEWALT DW088KFor those who have already tried this product, they can surely say that this tool has helped them a lot with the things that they had to do. I have also tried this product and I have felt that my tasks are easier because I am using it. The laser of this product can be mounted into a camera tripod to make it easier to use. Aside from this, I have used it for a long period of time and it never stalled or bogged down. There are also other advantages that can come with it. Continue reading to learn more.

Advantages of Dewalt dw088k Self Leveling Cross Laser

  • Laser Feature – Like mentioned earlier, the laser feature of the Dewalt dw088k is very helpful. It can be placed on various tools so that it can be used easier. It can also be set to high in order to light up the whole setting. It will allow you to see the item better.
  • Accuracy – One of the things that you may be concerned about is the accuracy of the product. I can say that the product is accurate. Even if it is used over 30 ft, it can still be accurate.
  • Readable Control Panel – It is important for the control panel to be readable because if it is not readable, adjusting the tool to your liking will not be possible as well.
  • Lasts Long – A lot of people are not aware that the product is powered by four AA batteries that can last for about 30 hours. This is much longer than the other cross lasers that are available.
  • Long Warranty – The great thing about Dewalt products is the fact that the company gives a long warranty. This will assure you that the products that you are going to purchase will last a good, long while.

Disadvantage of Dewalt dw088k Self Leveling Cross Laser

  • One of the things that I have noticed too is that the magnets are not as strong as I would like it to be. Most of the time it works great but if I would be given a chance to change something about it, it would be the magnets.

Bosch GLL2 50 Self Leveling Crossline Laser

Bosch GLL2-50

  • Unlike the Dewalt product, the Bosch GLL2 50 makes use of two lasers that can form one continuous line to make the line clearer for the person who is going to do the DIY. The laser is very small too and it can be amazing to see once it is turned on.
  • The magnets on the back of this product are considered to be very strong. People do not have to worry about the magnet at all. The magnet can be used to store the item easily on something that is made out of metal and allow the product to be used easily.
  • The Bosch GLL2 50 comes with its own bar which can make it easier for people to magnify the laser on the bars whenever this cannot be held on to anymore.

Based on the things mentioned above, it will be easier for people to think about the various options that can be done to make the right decision.


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